hi, i'm Lauren.

I paint families.  I love families... the joy, the laughter, the fun.  I even love the hard times and the heartaches because that’s where we learn and grow.  Every family has both good and bad.  That's what makes a family special, unique.  It makes it YOUR family.  

Through bright colors, strong lines, and clean shapes, I work to capture the love and laughter of families.  These family paintings are joyful, colorful works of contemporary art.

I consider it quite a privilege when a client asks me to paint their family.  After all, family is the most precious of gifts.

I paint from a home studio in Charlotte, NC.  I live here with my husband, two teenage sons, and two golden retrievers.  It is a house of boys.  It is filled with college football on tv, competitive ping pong games, and golf shoes by the front door.  But it is also a house filled with peace, encouragement, and God's Word.


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